Friday, June 3, 2011

Former Life Friday

In an attempt to be a bit circumspect about my past life as a workaholic, political junkie (heretofore referred to as PJ), I am dedicating Fridays to recalling some cool moments in my career. Most non PJ's (especially Republican ones) won't think they are the cat's meow, but for posterity sake, I've got to put them somewhere!

<span class=pastedGraphic.pdf">

Queue last December when I returned from a post campaign cruise with friends only to find that amid my junk mail, a large envelope with the return address of the White House--yes THE White House popped out. Much to my surprise, it was an invitation to one of the 18 Holiday Parties at the White House with the President and the First Lady (I kept the invite in a safe place, but apparently too safe since I can't find it to take a photo of it for the blog). I called Justin to tell him <span class=pastedGraphic_1.pdf">the news--I didn't think we were going to be able to go because we had just got back from the aforementioned cruise--but he said we had to go and we would make it work. My fabulous mom wholeheartedly volunteered to take care of the kids and gave me one of her free Southwest tickets, my friend Kelli gave me some jewelry and fixed my dress, Jen encouraged me to buy some knockout shoes and get my hair done, Justin found a deal on priceline for a last minute hotel room, and we left for a 48 hour trip to DC. <span class=pastedGraphic_2.pdf">

We had to do some juggling on where and how to get dressed as our hotel was no where near the White House and in the process, Justin forgot his tie. He felt slightly out of place, although he looked quite dapper. He kept joking that he was going to ask the President if he could borrow one of his.

It was such a fantastic night. Justin and I kept

<span class=pastedGraphic_3.pdf">

saying to each other--"We are at the White House Christmas Party!" We were greeted at the gate and escorted to the front entrance of the White House. There were two large dining rooms with huge buffet spreads, decorated trees in every room and the Armed Services orchestra playing Christmas carols. We didn't really know many people there, but we made some friends from Beverly Hills, Texas, and met Supreme Court Justice Alito. We were also given a designated time to get in a photo line to take our photo with the President and FirstLady.

<span class=pastedGraphic_4.pdf">

Having organized a photo line or two with the President myself, I can tell you it goes super fast. Someone takes your purse right before you get to front of the line, you are introduced to the President, and then you have about 30 seconds to say hello before they snap your photo and move you along. I was determined to get my rehearsed elevator speech out to President and Mrs. Obama. I expressed how thankful I was for their last minute trips to Nevada (both came to campaign for my boss in the last days before the 2010 election) President Obama told me "Job well done. Anyone who is on Senator Reid's team is on my team too." As you can see from the photo below, I was a bit excited.

<span class=pastedGraphic_5.pdf">

Above is the photo the "official" photo sent to us after the party. It is now in my library/den so I can reminisce, especially on those days I am cleaning up drool, patiently trying to calm a pre pre-teen tantrum, and changing dirty diapers, about that time I got gussied up to go to the White House.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Liam's Abode

This is the room where Liam sleeps. I think it is officially my favorite room in the house. Special shout out thanks to generous friends who chipped in for Liam's Dwell bedding and my husband, who moonlights as an artist when he is not in court, for the very chic tree mural to match.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gabby Turns 6

So I haven't really blogged since Gabby's fifth birthday party. That was a bit of a blow-out party. Tons of kids, tons of food, and tons of work. This past year, I was in the middle of campaign hell with literally less than 60 days until the end of the race and I couldn't really take all that on in my life. So we had a little neighborhood party with just a few of Gabby's good friends and my family. Gabby wanted a rainbow colored theme and I commissioned my brother to do a rainbow cake. We had a homemade photo booth where the kids put on a rainbow clown wig and nose and then they played some games and left within an hour and a half. Perfect--short, sweet, and Gabby felt alittle love amidst the chaos of our lives. Some pics below.

A Family is Forever

One of the most precious things happened in our life during my blogging hiatus. We were able to adopt a darling little boy. After much debate about what his name should be, we landed on Liam. We have had our little Liam since day one. I was able to be in the delivery room with our amazing and courageous birth mom and after some speed bumps we were able to officially adopt Liam about one month ago. He is our family's little cup of cheer.

Two weeks ago we went through the Las Vegas LDS temple to be sealed with Liam for time and all eternity. Gabby was able to be a part of the ceremony as well. I think it's safe to say that she had her first real connection to her spirit while we were at the temple. She started to cry shortly after the ceremony and she said that she was crying happy tears because the Holy Ghost was giving her a hug and she felt loved. I told her that is just what I felt too. The room was filled with many of our family members and loving and dear friends. I think we all felt a little glimpse of heaven that day.

I may not have come to motherhood in a traditional way or the way that I planned, but I know my children are meant to be mine and going through a ceremony in which you are given the promise of eternal life with them reminds me of the perspective I need to have as a mother.

Photo courtesy of the very talented and life long friend, Jennie Slade.

Back in the Saddle

I won't even attempt to catch everyone up on all the comings and goings of Mother Jones and co. for the past year and a half. Writing took a back seat to the craziness of everyday life. I have often lied to myself saying that I don't have the time (even though I spend time looking at other blogs). I sometimes think that it's better to be living life than reporting on it, but I think in truth and is far too often quoted in blogs round the blogosphere, "You write to taste life twice..." So I am back in the saddle again for now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Party Favor central

Photo Essay of a Party Favor

Photo below courtesy of Angie Gubler at Blonde Designs. Original ice cream photo of Gabby courtesy of Haley Ann Warner photography.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Melting Ice Cream

Some scenes from Gabby's Ice Cream Party

1. Gabby and Friends 2. Gabby wearing the top of the Ice Cream Pinata

3. Enjoying Ice Cream Treats 4. "Pin the Cherry" on Gabby's Ice Cream

For more pics check out my dear friend, Angie. She designed the invites, and party favor tags and was kind enough to think our soiree warranted a post on her all things fabulous blog.

Notes to self:

1)Next time check to see if party location (aka Spring Mountain Ranch) is hosting an annual festival on the day of the party that would prevent you from hosting your own annual festival! In my defense, Spring Mountain Ranch is one of Las Vegas's secret jewels--no one is ever there when I'm up there, so I thought I was safe!
2) File under "Whose Party is this Anyway." I spent a lot of time, 2 weekends, prepping Gabby's adorable party favors (see angie's blog and my next post ) which melted in the unseasonably hot sun of late September. Next time, Simplify!

3) 20 kids is a lot of kids! Gabby is quite the social gal. She simply couldn't cut the guest list down and in fact added to it on a daily basis. After church one day when a girl in her Primary class was quite rude to her, Miss Gabby informed me that she needed to give XX an invitation to her birthday party. "That will make her so happy and she wouldn't act the way she did today if she were happy."

As I finished writing this post, I was reminded that today marks the actual day that we brought Gabby home 5 years ago. She was a mere 12 days old and the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen. I still see in my mind's eye that little baby every night I tuck her in to bed and I'm so proud of the sweet girl she's become.